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Language and Culture through Art and Sports

Based on the concept of “Talent Cultivation” with well-established foundations in art, sports and academic education, but above all with an emphasis on practice and the search for innovation, the Centro Mandarin Pinyin Fácil Academy strives to cultivate talents high quality education that are well developed according to the language ability to learn through Art and Sport.


ACMPF implements the " Qualities + aptitudes" mode of talent cultivation where through art and sport it has built a mechanism of "adaptation of the school's operating characteristics for the development of society, integrating innovation and academic education" Thus, we have created the School of Academic Talents .


The "school of academic talents" is a functional department of Art and Sports that manages the artistic skills and qualities of our students, in addition to being responsible for exhibiting events and educational cultural activities at the national and international level.


The "school of academic talents" is   primarily responsible for the management, organization, planning and deployment of the artistic heart of the student who wishes to expand their skills.


The evaluation of artistic attitudes are always accompanied by the teachers of the Institute and the management of grants is the responsibility of the institute. The "school of academic talents" was created by the Academy in April 2015 and is co-organized with the Department of Academic Personnel.


To adapt to the educational characteristics and teaching concept, the academy actively diversifies the culture among our students. Culture and Sports are cultural projects that have become brand activities and unique cultural badges.

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The healthy and healthy cultural environment of the "School of Academic Talents" has been formed with wonderful contributions from famous art experts, Academics specialized in the branch of art, but above all from students who have learned with us through art and sports

Pinyin Speech Contest - Virtual- 2020


Pinyin Speech Contest - Virtual- 2020

With enthusiasm we were able to convince many of our students here in Costa Rica to participate, to have the opportunity to develop their artistic qualities in oratory that would contribute to their development and knowledge of the Chinese language and culture, that as responsible young people, in the knowledge Pinyin, can produce and develop their intellectual behavior. Our students developed very productive and innovative speaking initiatives and proposals, this in order to generate proactive values and attitudes, where each one had the possibility of making contributions to the knowledge of Chinese culture through PINYIN.


Gallery Contest - 2020

Learning through the contest

2019 National Basketball Champions

As the saying goes, "All studying without any play makes a boring boy out of a student." For our Academy a learning strategy with many positive results is the combination of study with sport.


At ACMPF we have not forgotten that academic learning and sports education complement each other. They look like two sides of the same coin. If sports education is carried out in conjunction with the academic curriculum, the overall personality of the student is greatly increased. The qualities of leadership, sharing, team spirit and tolerance are learned from sport.


Sports education not only teaches students to maintain physical stamina, but also the habit of obedience, discipline, determination to win, willpower, etc. The power of reasoning, mental development, vocational specialization comes from the academic education of the students. Therefore, sports education together with academics result in the comprehensive development of students.

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