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The "PINYIN FACIL MANDARIN LANGUAGE LEARNING ACADEMY " (ACMPF) is an institution of higher education for the teaching of Chinese and Spanish in Costa Rica and in China, it is dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning, research of both Languages ​​-Chinese and Spanish- Oriental and Spanish-speaking culture, the development of Eastern and Western cultural exchanges.



"PINYIN FACIL MANDARIN LANGUAGE LEARNING ACADEMY " (PFMLLA) is a higher education institution for the teaching of Chinese and Spanish in Costa Rica and China, established in 1989 by Academician Cristina Zheng Ma. (Master in Language Education)


Our Academy has more than 30 years at the national and international level developing and effectively applying the teaching methodologies of the language of Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese and Spanish.


We are an academy endorsed by education authorities both in Costa Rica and in China -Chinese Ministry of Education- at the end of our courses (fully at all levels) students acquire a learning certification.

The Institute is headquartered in San Jose- Costa Rica and China- Guangdong - Zhongshan has an enrollment of more than 5000 students annually, be they undergraduate, graduate and professional.




Our academic body is totally native and, most importantly, educators by profession graduated from universities in China, Costa Rica and the USA with different academic levels in language teaching. (Bachelor, Graduate, Master and Doctorate)



The (PFMLLA) (comprising the undergraduate level, the graduate levels, as well as other academic bodies, research centers and affiliated institutions) has a formal educational-Cultural mission statement.


(PFMLLA) Worldwide mission is to educate all the leading citizens of our society. We do this through our commitment to the transformative power of an education in the sciences, arts, and general culture.


Some characteristics of our learning!


Did you know that Mandarin Chinese is the second most spoken language in the world? Whether you are planning to visit a Chinese-speaking country for tourism or you need it to work, to do business, or even to win a heart ……… .. learning the basics of the language will be extremely helpful in your daily operation. with our face-to-face, online or digital education system


+ Online and digital courses include videos and other tools to help you learn pronunciation and writing skills, as well as vocabulary and grammar. Learn the tones and basic structure of the Spanish and Chinese language, practice basic pronunciation and communication skills, all from the comfort of your computer anywhere in the world.


+ Classes 24/7 for 365 a year. New classes are incorporated weekly with new techniques to learn clearly and easily.


+ Teaching methodology developed by true academic professionals specialized in learning the Chinese language for Latin-speakers or Spanish for Chinese-speakers


+ Learn useful Chinese phrases for real situations.


+ Digital teaching technologies updated daily.


+ Hear crystal clear audio from professional native speakers dedicated to teaching Mandarin or Spanish.

Have a conversation at any time through our bilingual " LIVE VIDEO" with any of our teachers.


+ Our lessons are situational, which means that you won't get stuck studying school subjects or sports when what you really want to do is open a bank account or travel to a Chinese-speaking country!


+ You can study our lessons in a specific order where we explain everything you need to know within that lesson. Just choose your skill level in Mandarin or Spanish, then a subject you want to study and you're good to go.


+ Our main objective is to help you invest in yourself and achieve your personal goals with learning Chinese or Spanish.


+ Forget the boring textbook: you will stay motivated to learn Chinese by staying interested with our videos, audios, exams, interactive practices.


+ We offer the largest library of Chinese and Spanish lessons. "


+ You will not find a single situation or topic that we do not have!


+ We believe that our audio and video lessons mimic the natural process of language acquisition and are the best way to learn Chinese or Spanish. Therefore, it will come naturally to you when you repeatedly hear interesting words and phrases in meaningful contexts.


Our System and Methodologies.


The library of audio and video lessons to learn Chinese is the most professional you will find in the market ... Our system works through teaching techniques through massive contributions.

Each lesson begins with an explanation of it, then the explanation dedicated in real time by one of our teachers, then we will take you "to the field" so that you become more familiar with the topic of the lesson, then a review and finally an exam.


You will also find dialogues, we delve into the central lesson, where we explain the grammatical structure behind the dialogue. By the end of the lesson, you have a clear idea of ​​how and why the dialogue is structured as such, and you will have heard the sentences many times, giving you ample opportunity to have it etched in your mind.


Also, once you are done with a lesson, our platform provides you with review opportunities, including vocabulary, sentence reviews, and expansions, where we provide more examples of the grammar structure and vocabulary of lessons in different contexts.


Comprehensive skills:

With our learning system, you will learn all the skills you need to master Spanish or Mandarin, whether it's listening, speaking, reading or writing, we've got you covered.


Grammar guide:

Grammar can be difficult at times, but we always make sure to explain it thoroughly and give you multiple examples


Audio and text vocabulary list:

Each lesson has a list of all the vocabulary for that lesson, complete with audio, video, and text so you can practice along with it.


Quizzes and multimedia games:

Our videos are a product of our time spent in the classroom. We know what it is to be a student and we do everything possible to satisfy that feeling, in short we bring the university to you.


Learn from an experienced and licensed language teaching professional.

In our platform you will find true professionals with bachelor's and master's degrees specifically in the teaching of Chinese and Spanish as a foreign language, who have taught classes in all age groups, from children, university students and entrepreneurs.

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